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We are in so many time zones, that Good ____ applies... While it's evening here many FetSwing Worldwide Community members are just waking up.

Our busy work and social lives have shifted from entertaining and busy... To complete isolation and boredom!

We can't announce a cure, vaccine, or treatment for COVID-19 but, we can announce some help from the collateral damage caused by the virus.

First, are you looking for a job? Because we are hiring. Part and Full-time customer service and IT positions available.

Second, are you bored. Try out our free Interactive Video Groups. or start one of your own.

Lastly, our own COVID-19 Economic Relieve Fund.

Ladies and Couples are Now Free For Life! If your trial ended and you lost Diamond Club Features, They have been restored! And you will NEVER be billed a membership fee, All Couples and Ladies have all been upgraded to all Access For Life!

Men, if we had the ability to pay the operating expenses of our community without revenue, We would offer this to you.

But, unfortunately, we have to keep the lights on, to keep the community open- But, have or had a minimum free trial, We created a FetSwing Males impacted by COVID Fund. It has been funded with $500. -Update 6/3/2020 Funds have been gifted to numerous men. We have added an additonal $700

If you have an interest in employment, chat groups, or grant money please contact [email protected]_admin (FetSwing.com and FetSwing.chat)

Welcome  to The  FetSwing Community

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We developed FetSwing.com to provide a lifestyle platform for swing, fetish, and all sexual kinks. Regardless of your 18+ legal sexual preferences, you are welcome here. 

FetSwing is a new site and has its highest census of members in the Southeastern United States. But, we are busy growing our community worldwide.

FetSwing was created by married swing lifestyle couple Heather and Gary (Fbcouple). We are active on the site and appreciate any feedback. 

FetSwing has a reputation for throwing awesome parties! We have had parties in FL, GA, NV, and are planning events in many cities worldwide. Click here to view an example - FetSwing 2019 

Profile Photos No Nudity


(mandated by search engines, mobile app and credit card processors )

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18+ Nudity is allowed in Gallery

*You must be in the photo or own the rights

Please post 18+ Photos in your gallery—video and photo options: private (Other users see Blur) Friends only or Public.

Please go to settings here.

Please tell others about our site. Official Launch was just over 1 Year Ago ago and is quickly growing globally. 


Our chat App offers 

Free Worldwide Chat, Phone, Video chat - Upload all formats of content FREE

Watch Short Video about the FetSwing.chat Here

Thank you for being a member of FetSwingIt's an excellent opportunity to meet new FetSwing community members.

Our IOS and Android application has been updated and are performing correctly!

Our FetSwing Beta test groups have tested the application features. FetSwing.com utilizes the Rocketchat App as a connector to the FetSwing and FetRooms servers.

Hundreds of developers have worked on this open-source project. Our app features Encrypted secure end to end messages — Fetswing React-Native coding allows the sharing of videos, gifs, photos, and access to live video chat rooms- free!.
Download the application on IOS, Android, Windows Desktop, or Macintosh."

 Facetime any FetSwinger with any phone

 Group and private chat rooms

 Upload any format of photo and videos

 Send Audio messages

 Worldwide Free phone calls

 Thousands of FetSwing community members

 Fully Integrated with FetSwing.com

√ FetSwing.chat Free video chat, group, semi-private, and private 

Channel = A FetRoom

User = A FetSwinger


How To Set Up TheFetRoomsMobile Application 4 Steps

Step #1

Join FetSwing.com it's free

After Joining

Step #2 

Download RocketChat




Step #3 

Login To The Server

→ After logging into the app

Server Info

  server:      Https://fetswing.chat

Step #4

Username: Same as Fetswing

Password: Same As FetSwing

Same username and Password as utilized on FetSwing

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Our Sites include swinger-blog.xxx | adultjobs.xxx |bloggingswingers.com | porn-sluts.xxx psnetworklive.com | PSFILM |Affiliates


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