FetSwing Diaries

We created FetSwing Community Diaires to video document our real-life sexual adventures. The swing, kink, and fetish lifestyle is an underground society that most know little about.  

Our community has judges, politicians, physicians, school teachers, and may even include your next-door neighbor. 

Most community members must maintain anonymity! Due to job, family, and community reputations. 

Sexual orientation is not supposed to be discriminated against.

 Laws protect the rights of many gender and sexual orientations. But, coming out of the closet as a "swinger" or enjoying consensual "adult kinks" could result in job loss, family alienation, and community harassment.

The world has been misinformed about our lifestyle. The motivation to share our real-life videos has never been for the money. It comes from the desire to show the sexy side of this underground society, hopefully, turn you on! Most importantly, demonstrate the truth - 'The FetSwing Lifestyle will never fix a bad marriage, but may make a good one much more FUN! 

 Full Episodes Go To Our Site swinger-blog.xxx

 Full Episodes Go To Our Site swinger-blog.xxx

 Full Episodes Go To Our Site swinger-blog.xxx

 FetSwing.com and Swinger-Blog.xxx were created by Gary Jones and Naughtya Moon. Our profile on FetSwing.com is Fbcouple_admin

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