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Recent Updates

What have we changed in the last month? 

Almost everything! In three months, our community already outgrew our servers, major redesigns to increase speed, loading times, and functionality. 

We simplified our site menus, have made vast improvements for our mobile experience, and are continuing to listen, take action! And letting you guide us with suggestions, tips, new features, and enhancements. 

Highlights of our upgrades and site changes 

  • A help desk with live chat
  • Detailed site directions and instructions ("?" bottom left of the website)
  • Validations Module
  • Refer a friend Link (Tracks and rewards members with cash)  
  • FetRooms (separate and group fetish and kink rooms)
  • Group and Private video Rooms
  • Mobile Site
  • IOS and Android applications (testing)
  • Hook up swipe 
  • Parties and Hot Hookups Module
  • FetSwinger near me, responsive map
  • Enhanced privacy, features for photos, videos, and who sees what
  • New Search Features (work in progress)


And, we are not stopping until 98% of our community agrees, this site rocks! If you have questions regarding features, improvements, or want to say hi, please email us username: fbcouple-admin or cs@p-s-network.com.

Couples and Single Females -  One Year All Access Free - Males 30 Days Free 

Members of swinger-blog.xxx and porn-sluts.xxx are always free




Site Updates

Engagement Tools

→ Check for adult content

All Engagement tools are under the FetSwingers profile photo

Please go to Profile Settings

  • Upload profile photo - no nudity (Android and Apple Regulations)
  • Wall and Photo Privacy Settings
  • upload photos and videos (ok for nudity)
  • Filters Private Photos vs. Public
  • Swing and Fetish Status - all questions
  • Must be 18+ years old (Please Flag any Questionable Photos)


Have a great week!


Heather and Gary



Party Sept 28-Loft Atlanta




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