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Heather and Gary's Journey into the Lifestyle


About five years back, while on a business trip together to a trade show in Dallas, TX, we decided to explore the swinging lifestyle in a city far from our hometown.

It had been an extended period since we had the opportunity to travel without children, so we were extremely excited about the time alone to explore the city after work hours. We drove from our office in Atlanta in a work van packed to the brim for the upcoming trade show, just the two of us. Having this much time alone in a car leads to many flirtatious exchanges that just built the sexual tension for hours upon hours. We had the chance to concentrate on ourselves, like the old days before kids, dishes, and running a business.

Once we arrived in Dallas, I continued the sexy flirtations with a lunchtime text that said, "What happens in Dallas stays in Dallas." I never imagined that Gary Jones would take this as an invite to join every swinger site or group he could find. He even located a few clubs and some house parties with like-minded people in attendance. My intention was most definitely not to plant this seed, so you can imagine my surprised shock when he called me into the room and showed me his laptop screen. On his display was a choice of three couples he let me know I could choose from.

I took it personally at first and went through the emotions you could imagine I felt. Am I not good enough for you anymore, who are YOU wanting to hook up with, and what are you really up to? We had had a threesome here or there in the past, but they were always spontaneous, and never intentionally sought out. My initial impression of those in the lifestyle was probably a little close-minded, but entirely based on contradictory ideas presented to me by those, not in the lifestyle, not really based on the truth.

I had always thought that those in the lifestyle chose to be in the lifestyle as a way to ease the burden of being in a loveless marriage by giving permission for the other to get a little bit of strange or a side piece, or that they were sex-crazed freaks. My first thoughts ranged from how could I, the dugout mom of my son's baseball team, even contemplate having sex outside of my marriage? What would my friends and family think if they ever found out?!? So to ease my mind, Gary suggested that maybe we could just check out a club or a party with no expectation of participation. Just see where the night goes.

That night after the trade show closed for the day, we ventured back to the hotel to get ready for the night that would change our lives. We were going out on the town, and I was nervous. We met up with a second couple, just in case, I decided I wanted to dip a toe into the experience. We agreed that we would go to the club and observe and see what it was all about. I was shaking. I was so nervous at this point. Inside the club, there were beautiful people everywhere, and some of them beautifully naked. We explored all the different rooms and watched as a woman was being pleasured by three men on a round bed in the center of the room. It was so HOT!!

There was even a movie theatre playing porn on a big screen. It was so stimulating and erotic that I started riding Gary hard while watching the guy behind us get his cock sucked and another couple beside us going at it doggy style. I wanted to reach out a hand and offer them some assistance literally but kept my hands to myself. Then a guy who was watching us fuck reached out and got a handful of my breast, and I pushed him away, letting him know he can watch but no touching.

That night was a source of foreplay and dirty talk for us for months to follow. We were so enamored with the experience that we continued to explore the lifestyle when we returned home. We started slowly with only soft swapping for about three years. For those that might not know, that means that there was no sex involved, just heavy petting.

We ventured into the lifestyle a little bit deeper and deeper, easing our way to full swapping. Once we made that plunge, it became a part of our life. In late January 2018, I started blogging about our life as a married couple active in the swinger lifestyle.

I guess for most American's this is not as normal as it may seem to me. At that time, we both had American corporate jobs, a healthy family life, and a fun secret. We decided to purchase a cabin in a lifestyle resort and started meeting many others that shared our same mentality, and we love spending time there regularly.

With so many people to share in our fun, it seemed only natural to start making videos for ourselves to share in the memories together. We started posting our videos on my blog, and the response was so positive that we decided to expand our reach into the community. At that point, we started meeting many new and fabulous folks that have helped contribute to our story. The Real Swingers of Porn-Slults. Xxx and Swinger-Blog. xxx

Through various channels, we have brought people from across the country, and some from just next door, to share our lifestyle with. To add to our story, our first 21-year-old Nanny found out about our escapades and became a regular participant. Sexy Mandy became so busy with filming; we had to hire another babysitter! Wouldn't you know that Courtney Coxxx became interested in playing with us too! 

We even had people finding us and asking if they can film with us. Kayla Kandy, who proved to be immensely fun and sexy, was one of those people! She came out from Montana to visit with us and hopefully be in one of our films. She was so shy and soft-spoken, but when she came out of her shell, she was just amazing!

Our cabin's location has allowed us to meet so many people with similar mindsets. By chance, we were walking back to our cabin one night after a night in the club and ran into Lilly and Derrick, another couple in the lifestyle.  Me, being the outgoing person that I am, I started a conversation with the two. Lilly was so excited about the idea of filming with us that Derrick gave her a "hall pass" to be the Unicorn for a whole weekend. For those that might be wondering what a "Unicorn" is, the definition is a single woman in the lifestyle.  Derrick Deep was so impressed with the footage, he asked to film as well, and we knew the perfect person was Kayla Kandy! So now, not only were we meeting others in the lifestyle, but we also helped make new connections for others and help them live out their own fantasies! It was all so exciting to meet and get to know all of these people and bring them together in such fun ways. 

Our blog became so popular that we offered a contest to our followers for the winner to come to join the fun. Enter Logan. Logan Big Bar has become an active participant in our circle and a friend. Another friend, Cass, we met while hanging out at our cabin in the lifestyle resort.

After we met Cass, he instantly became a perfect fit for our films. His artistic eye and talent have added immeasurable value to our content.  He has become a great friend, as well. And he was kind enough to share some of his own material with us that includes his beautiful friend with benefits, Naughtya. He has an amazing artistic ability and has shown us another side with his fetish content.

Besides meeting others in the lifestyle through our Cabin or Tumblr, we are also active members on SDC, which is how we met Jordan Big Shots. We have been members of SDC for a few years now and met him a while ago. He and Gary became friends, and Gary approached him about being with me for my first ever BBC. 

Another point of my blog outside of sharing our experiences was to educate. I knew what my initial impression of the lifestyle was, and I wanted to clear the air. Being active in the lifestyle has shown me that it isn't about being sex-crazed (though I might be), but rather just enjoying the people to the fullest and living in the moment. It also emphasizes open and honest communication and living out your desires in an accepting and caring environment. We had so many people messaging us with questions; I wanted to be a source of truth. Most questions centered around jealousy and the effect of swinging on our relationship. Others asked about how to get into the lifestyle, and others want to share in the fun.

In a few months, I went from a Canton, GA wife to the star of many awesome homemade videos to share with you. Our hobby of showing off our fun sex life has become a busy part of my life, and now a full-time job. My hubby films and participates with me. Sometimes he even surprises me with guys I have mentioned in passing that I would love to film with. And all of this progressed into this site.

We loved every video so much that we wanted to find another way to share them with the world outside of our blog. And this ideal catapulted into our production company for amateur content. The swinging lifestyle is terrific, but not for everyone. We are both vast voyeurs, so we found putting our fun on film as a massive turn-on for each other. My smile at the end is me flirting with hubby.

We both love to go back and watch our videos together to enjoy our experiences again and again. We visit the Trapeze Club, Paradise Valley Resort, and the area on SDC. (Our username: fbcouple) Most of our friends are in the lifestyle, many you will see in our videos. From my blog, it may seem that we couldn't have a cookout without sex, but we are, for the most part, an average couple. We launched our website on our server and completely independent. Much of the content was filmed in Georgia, by us, with no experience.

All of our videos are amateur and homemade. We are adding more content daily and also including Bonus Videos. We started an adult film production company, P-S-Global, LLC. If you are interested in adult entertainment, please apply at www.p-s-film.global.

We also run a full line adult toy store at www.porn-sluts.store .FetSwing.com porn-sluts.xxx Swinger-blog.xxx adultjobs.xxx


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