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After Download 

Server: https://fetswing.chat







Our IOS and Android application has been updated and are performing perfectly!

The application features have been tested by our FetSwing Beta test groups. FetSwing.com utilizes the Rocketchat App as a connector to the FetSwing and FetRooms servers.

Hundreds of developers have worked on this open-source project. Our app features Encrypted secure end to end messages — Fetswing React-Native coding allows the sharing of videos, gifs, photos, and access to live video chat rooms- free!.

Download the application on IOS, Android, Windows Desktop, or Macintosh."

 Facetime any FetSwinger with any phone

 Group, and private chat rooms

 Upload any format of photo and videos

 Send Audio messages

 Worldwide Free phone calls

 Thousands of FetSwing community members

 Fully Integrated with FetSwing.com

Logout Issue Have Have Been Fixed

Watch Video on new FetSwing.chat Application Here

FetRooms Free Chat and Video Chat

Channel = A FetRoom

User = A FetSwinger

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1. Install the Rocket Chat Application on your IOS or Android Device



Google/ Android

2. Select sign into a server - enter: https://fetswing.chat



* server URL https://Fetswing.chat

  3. Login to Fetswing.chat. Select Continue with FetSwing 


4. Enter your FetSwing username and password 

5. Welcome to FetSwing.chat












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