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FetSwing is now the fastest-growing kink, fetish, and swing lifestyle community in the world! 

Our social networking is designed for 18+ sexual exploration. If you are a new FetSwing.com Welcome. Or maybe its been a while since you you last logged on?

Changes and why

FetSwing.chat is now  FREE for ALL! No charge, No hidden cost, Free - All Features

why: FetSwing.chat is now FREE for all! COVID unemployed millions and we feel our small contribution to our society is to offer free communication with advanced features to all interested 18+ paid and free FetSwingers. 


FetSwing Rocketchat Server Connector

After download, the app ask for a Server is FetSwing.chat



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Free Worldwide Chat, Phone, Video chat - Upload all formats of contentFREE

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Hundreds of developers have worked on this open-source project. Our app features Encrypted secure end to end messagesFetSwing React-Native coding allows the sharing of videos, gifs, photos, and access to live video chat rooms- free!.
Download the application on IOS, Android, Windows Desktop, or Macintosh."

 Facetime any FetSwinger with any phone

 Group and private chat rooms

 Upload any format of photo and videos

 Send Audio messages

 Worldwide Free phone calls

 Thousands of FetSwing community members

 Fully Integrated with FetSwing.com

√ FetSwing.chat Free video chat, group, semi-private, and private 



The Term FetSwinger:

 A person, couple, or group that does not define their role,  maybe a swinger with kinks or a kinky swinger. 

No actual title while participating in power exchange, BDSM, role play, parties, group sex, and other swing and fetish lifestyle activities. FetSwings represent the group in the middle between swinger elites and the hardcore fetish groups. FetSwing parties welcome all (18+) individuals and groups.

FetSwing is not involved in the debate of what is better, the swinger or fetish community? We love them both! Life is too short to get hung up on worrying about the best alternative sexual lifestyle. Decide who you socialize with by the individual rather than negative feelings because of a "Lable."

FetSwing have individual desires and boundaries. FetSwing is always 18+, endorse safe sex,  believe "no" means no!

Because FetSwing play always requires consent and should enhance your current sex life. FetSwing will not fix your relationship, but may make it a lot more fun!  


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