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Privacy and Anonymity: Profile photos can be set to be visible to; friends , registered members , public ,  or  fully private

How to determine if you are communicating with a free or paid member look under the FetSwingers  profile photo.
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Why Charge Males after a month?

Swing, Kink, Fetish Community Facts: 

  1. Our Gender balance averages about  50/50  Male and female.  
  2. Males register on the site  82:1   (compared to couples and females)
  3. Males this is good and bad news
  4. "The good news is  our male members pay 100%
  5.  Join for a year and it's less than $10 per month. Less than a drink at many bars!
  6. Thank you for contributing to our swing, fetish, and kink community.
  7. A Fair gender balance provides A platform that actually works.
  8. Members can chat, video call, and hopefully meet a FetSwinger, Attend an event, hookup, and maybe a bit more! :-)           
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