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FetSwing Membership - Three Categories

No Credit Card ⊗

No Obligation ⊗

No B/S ⊗

¹Trial Diamond Membership ♦ Females and Couples ♦ Males

Trial Diamond All-Access Membership

Females ♦ 1 Year Free ♦ ⇐

Males1 Month Free

Couples - One Year Free Diamond

Why Charge Males after a month?

Swing and Fetish Community Facts:

  • Our Gender balance averages about 50/50 male and female.

  • Males register on the site 82:1 (compared to couples and females). 

  • Membership fees are $9.99 month or less than $6 per month if paid annually. -The fees pay for the site but, also weed out the catfish.

We understand if you can not afford the $6.oo per month. And want to keep you as a free member. Our Free members can fully communicate with other FetSwingers but, lose some Diamond club Premium features.

  • We are in the lifestyle. And understand our membership fees are minimal, compared to other sites. Our fees are less than a single mixed drink at most bars. 

Single male Tips

  1. Don't be aggressive
  2. Don't lead with a cock photo
  3. Be polite
  4. Purchase a membership, Shows you can afford to buy a drink when we meet at a bar and leads me to believe you may be employed. (Just my opinion- Heather)


²After Trial ends two choices pay to remain Diamond Club or become a Free Member



³Diamond All-Access FetSwinger


Free Member - Unlike our competition our free members can fully communicate but lose some Diamond features. 


Setting Up An Account is 100% Free

No Credit Card - No Obligation - No B/S



What does it cost?

Couples and Single Ladies

Diamond Club 365 Day - All Access - Free


Members of Porn-Sluts.XxX | Swinger-Blog.XxX

Never Pay FetSwing is Included in Membership


Diamond Club 30 | 90 | 365

 (365) 1 Year $59

(90) 3 Months $19.99

 (30) 1 Month $9.99

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