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The New Generation Sexuality

FetSwinger A person, couple, or group that does not define their role, maybe a swinger with kinks or a kinky swinger. No actual title while participating in power exchange, BDSM, role play, parties, group sex, and other swing and fetish lifestyle activities. FetSwingers represent the group in the middle between swinger elites and the hardcore fetish groups. FetSwing parties welcome all (18+) individuals and groups. FetSwingers are not involved in the debate of what is better, the swinger or fetish community? We love them both!


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Balanced gender distribution: All Kinks over 18+ are welcome!


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Meet others with a common interest. Inside FetSwing is Fetrooms, You can start a group or add to a group with your kinky thoughts and interest. 18+ only!

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FetSwing.com utilizes the Rocketchat App as a connector to the FetSwing and FetRooms servers. Hundreds of developers have worked on this open-source project. Our app features Encrypted secure end to end messages - Fetswing React-Native coding allows the sharing of videos, gifs, photos, and access to live video chat rooms- free!.
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